Steiner Waldorf approach to Childcare and Doulas

I have used the insights of Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925 ,who was an extraordinary educationalist, philosopher, artist and visionary , as a starting point for many of my choices in life. Out of his insights Steiner Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, Weleda homeopathics ,Camphill Communities for children and adults with special needs ,and many other enterprises have developed . Steiner Waldorf baby/childcare is based on the spiritual perspective of child development given to us by Rudolf Steiner and developed further by many visionary educators and carers . It provides  naturally holistic care in the broadest deepest sense .


As a holistic  birth doula and childcarer I spend time with the whole family ,from the early days of pregnancy to  being present during early or active labour, through birth, and  following the birth.

I respect the sanctity of  pregnancy and birth . A doula’s most critical role is providing  emotional reassurance and comfort, whilst empowering the mother to be to birth in her own way .

Doulas  do not perform clinical tasks, or diagnose medical conditions.

We  do not make decisions for our clients. Our goal is to be advocates so that  the birthing mother can have a safe and satisfying birth, as the mother herself  defines it and to “hold the sacred space” during child birth.

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